Silicon Valley's Subscription Based Raw Dog Food Company


Andrew, our Founder, and his family were heartbroken by the painful death of their 10 year-old Rottweiler, Spike. Doing further research and hearing others’ opinions, they discovered this was caused by the unhealthy and generic diet they gave him. In 2013 they adopted an English Bulldog, which they learned were easily susceptible to many medical issues. They had the chance to give him the playful and enjoyable life that he deserved and knew it started with what goes into his tummy. After research and trials, they landed on a combination of fresh and all-natural ingredients following the Biologically Appropriate Raw Dog Food model. And the rest is history!

Canid Roots was established to make raw dog food easily accessible and convenient for all dog owners. We choose recipes that contain nutritious and whole ingredients to achieve the best possible diet for your pup! Our company operates on the belief that every single dog deserves to live their best life.

We start with human grade ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store. Our recipe contains no additives, preservatives, and no fillers! We keep it as minimally processed as possible. Let us show you how this diet can be healthier than kibble!